An amazing productivity jedipreneur once told me:

“Do just what’s in front of you, if what’s in front of you is just one thing”.

This is easier said than done, especially when my daughter wants me to review some very important footage of a salsa dancing chihuahua, or my need to stalk my crazy uncle that FINALLY accepted my Facebook request (after all it’s been like three years since I totaled his Porsche).

When we think about working vs owning or leading a company from idea to profit, our daily tasks need be defined and refined. Just as we must define the word success for ourselves we must also define “works” in “what works”.

I try to move my body in the morning before doing anything else for grounding and focus. It gives me a great space to launch from the rest of the day.
—Kristen Runvik

Productivity or Fortune?

I’ve been fortunate enough to be working remotely full time for nearly six months now, and my desk has sometimes changed every couple days—or even every couple hours! As I’ve gone from place to place, I’ve been jotting down specific things that help me adjust to every new place and space, and I reached out to a few other digital nomads to hear their suggestions as well.

1. Plan For Tomorrow At The End Of Your Day

2. Try Single Tasking With A Single Tab

3. Plan Your Day In Chunks

4. Make Space For Both Work And Exploring In A New City

5. Crowdsource Reliable Spaces To Work

Accountability Skyrockets Productivity

6. Get Social Accountability

7. Use Your Travel Time Wisely

8. Make Time To Move—Ideally In The Morning

9. Plan Your Workspaces Ahead Of Time

10. Look For Lots Of Light


Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash. Thank You Perry!

Share your productivity tips…

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