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Our Logo: N’s over Benchmark.

The “New Now” Brand is about Awareness and Grace.

The Double N’s: NEW NOW

The thought of “Starting Again” always seems to conjure up mixed emotions for people. Some hate it, because it sounds like too much work, and others Love it, because to them it’s like getting a “Do Over” or a chance to make something right. Both can be true. In either case, what many of us don’t realize, is that 99% of the time, we alone are the ones that hold the keys to our second, third, fourth…chances. With no one preventing us from taking a quick self-assessment, doing our best to make some things right, and getting back in the game, the joke can often land on us.

Making a choice to practice mindfulness and accountability for our actions, is a pretty easy thing to do, it’s the execution that can be tricky. Owning stuff is tough, but after years of experience, our research has shown that there’s no better time to eat crow, than when it’s hot, because the longer you wait, the tougher it gets.

To be completely transparent, taking responsibility for self, is not for the weak, it’s for the surrendered, and the irony of this concept is that we are only strengthened if we can remain humbly aware of our weaknesses. Walking in this humility becomes the “Sweet Spot” where we are able to create “Space for Grace.” It can be quite a challenge at times, especially with heightened emotions, but when contemplating the alternatives, we ask ourselves “If not now, when?” How much more time should we waste?

If you follow our Brand, you know we LOVE the phrase: “Forgive and Live.” You’ll find it on our products and in our content. It’s another Spiritual Gauge, that as a company we strive to live up to every day. There is always a “New Now” the question is: What are we doing with it?

The Benchmark:

This type of Surveyer’s Benchmark is used to mark a point as an elevation reference in relation to sea level. For us it is a symbolic reminder to check in from time to time, with ourselves, those that Love Us, and those from who we seek guidance. It gives us the opportunity to see where we are in relation to others, our higher power, as well as our peace and well being.

It’s purpose is simply to be used as a reference point, when asking ourselves: Is there something that needs addressing? Are we in need of Grace, or should we be granting it?