Artists Online: Social Media Is Your Friend

Staying Socially Active is important.

And yup, “Use it or lose it” applies here too. Over the years I have read many pieces on the complexities of creative people, and I am very aware, because I are one. The pendulum can swing preTTy far on the disorder spectrum, but I’m not a doctor, just a member of the imbalanced. I’ve even heard the following question asked and answered: “Are they Anti-Social? No, they’re just artists.” I’ve “gotta” laugh, it keeps me from crying. Non Artists, and those completely satisfied with the risk free living of working at the same job, living in the same house, vacationing in the same spots and any other habitual loop they can get their hands on, kind of freak me out a little bit. BUT.. And that’s a BIG “BUT,” regardless of your habits, compulsions, or fears, if you are of the Artistic Persuasion and were hoping to make any income online, becoming SOCIAL (at least virtually) will definitely improve your chances.

Most creatives, at one time or another have turned their noses up to the idea, somehow classifying themselves…well, let’s just say, “differently.” But, NOT the smart ones. For many artists, the internet WAS their ticket to reach the masses with a WORLDWIDE Traveling (and Free) Virtual Art installation. It became something that was forever changing and morphing with each phase of their careers, leaving behind a digital documentary of their work. It allowed them to create what was in their hearts, while providing fertile grounds for commissioned piece inquiries. Because of the internet, fans are now able to look back and say that they have “Followed” specific artists since their humble beginnings. And because of their fond memories of your approachability and positive interaction, (Social Media Responses) they WILL become satisfied collectors that WILL definitely give way to referrals.

Victoria and I have a little buddy in L.A. that we have known since she was born. We’ve watched this lil virtuoso scribble with crayons until she began to express on drawing paper, what took most artists years of schooling to accomplish. Now, living miles away from her and her family, we’ve been limited to watching her career unfold online, and simply reposting her shows and latest work to help promote her career. She is currently 17 and finding her audience, as she becomes an adult, and learns to navigate the creepy part of the interwebs. Her Name is Taya Morgan Moore.

Social Media can do many things...

One of the nicest things Social Media can do is that it has the ability to keep us Social with a ridiculously HUGE audience. An audience that “Back In The Postcard/Flyer/Magazine Ad/TV Commercial/Radio Spot/Skywriter/Tell your friends so they’ll tell their friends-DAY” would’ve required quite a few man hours and mucho coinage. This example alone has the ability to “right size” the anti-social media stance, if you just give it some honest thought. Although many of us staunch, or gangster (whichever you prefer) “Old Schoolers”, tend to think that actually speaking to one another in person, is the only acceptable form of socializing, but it’s time that we rethink our positions. Having a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, and an Instagram account is the equivalent of having daily/weekly Global Art Shows. The reach potential is mind boggling. I mean come on! Does anyone out there remember the days of trying to get people to come to your Art Shows? And having a show meant that you had to buy Wine and Hors D’oeuvres for everyone, which left you resenting the “Art Show Crashing Moochers.”

(O.K. Maybe that was just me, I’ll call my Therapist.)  Of course there are some things to consider when getting started with Social Media, but the KEY is to GET STARTED. Our team works with various creatives, and due to the simple nature of fame, we have witnessed that becoming and remaining social, has the power to take you and your work to another level, in either direction. Staying mindful, approachable, kind, and genuine usually translates to great publicity, and conversions. Being inconsistent, snarky, and egotistical, mmmm not so much.

If your unique talents are marketed correctly, fans are created. When those fans are recognized through connecting with them on Social Media, they will promote you and your business. Let’s take it back to the days of autographs and getting through to your favorite Radio D.J. on the request line, or winning concert tickets…telling these stories to our friends as soon as humanly possible, was paramount. Nothing was more important! We could NOT wait to get back to the neighborhood, School, Church, Sport Practice Field of Choice entered here…wherever we could scream the News or show the proof!

If the experience was a bad one, and the Movie Star/Artist was a dismissive jerk, the life of the story was fairly limited, no matter how crazy the “Telephone Game” became. Nowadays, it has the ability to go viral and reach the masses in a matter of seconds, whichever angle is more interesting. When we’re not out there sharing our gifts and extending our Social Media Friendship, with our fans/support team, we can truly limit ourselves as well as our income. Even when production demands limit your time and stretch you so thin that you’re required to hire out your Social Media Management, STAY CONNECTED anyway!  It only takes a few minutes to drop a few comments to fans that love you. Liking and acknowledging the things that are going on in their world, goes a long way. Trust us! Nothing beats, Your voice. Our team can keep the fans current by providing content, but NOTHING compares to hearing from The Artist when a fan reaches out.

With over fifty Social Media Platforms out there, picking your top 3-5 can be daunting.

To get started, we suggest that you enlist the help of your support team and or folks that are active on multiple Social Media Platforms. Each platform caters to different needs and can sometimes tend to serve different age groups/niches. Meeting people where they’re at is very important. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram tend to cover a broad demographic of viewers and will serve you well. With the “Play Button” remaining King, YouTube is a definite must for almost all businesses, as Videos give your brand the ability to tell a story and offer a call to action, in under a minute. Continue the conversation. Hit us up if you need help in telling your story.

To Learn More about the Wonderfully Talented Taya Morgan Moore Visit her website or Instagram profile.

Artwork Courtesy of: TayaArt

There are some awesome stories out there.
Which of your favorite creatives,
found their audience on the interwebs???

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