Business Stress And Anxiety

Is your Business Stressing You Out?

Have you heard that STRESS is a killer?

Chronic stress can cause or exacerbate many serious health problems, such as mental health problems, it weakens your immune system, increases blood pressure and even triggers heart attacks and strokes.

Do we have your ATTENTION now????

This is NOT good for Business!!

However, as BAD as ALL that sounds, did you know that stress can actually help? Whhaaaaaat? I know, I know sounds crazy but it actually can be a positive and motivating trigger!

Has stress ever helped you perform well under pressure?

I can remember quite a number of times I have HAD to RISE UP due to stress and it motivated me enough to PUSH THROUGH.

Can stress be a good thing?

I waiver on my believe on this: are you pitching a movie, interviewing for an agent, trying to snag an important business deal or speaking on a TED stage?

Often stress can help us rise up. But I challenge you to know the difference between stress and simply being excited about the opportunity in front of you.  I often get these quite confused.

Watch for the experience, strength and hope of others as they learned to overcome the STRESS of public speaking, with these AMAZING Stress Free TED Talks!

What about your business is stressing you out?

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