If You Could Send Only One Email

We are always looking for ways to become more efficient.

Even in writing blog posts I write and re-write to be more efficient for our readers. I find that I am using way way way ;) more words than are otherwise necessary and completely wasting the time of our readers time. A perfect example might possibly be the experience you are having right now.

Don’t you just hate that I am totally wasting your time with how very very important this point is, rather than the point of this post? Exactly! So, updating our team with an email that is short, sweet and to the point is just what the Doctor ordered.

Below is a great summary of an effective Email Template.  By using this template you can shave hours off your day and something FUN!  Enjoy!

Highlights – This is the fun part. But fun and important aren’t mutually exclusive.

The highlights section of your update email is where you can list things like deals closed, fundraising, product updates, and new hires. Whether the good news is big or small, the whole team benefits from being looped in.

Lowlights – This part is less fun but no less important. The “lowlights” section should contain more than bad news or a list of things that have gone wrong.

Consider this an opportunity for constructive self-assessment, a place to reflect on things that could have gone better. Focus on what to improve upon.

Upcoming Deliverables – This is the heart of the weekly update. By listing high-priority items from your to-do list, you’ll be giving your colleagues a sense of what they can expect from you in the week ahead.

Past Deliverables – If the upcoming deliverable section is the heart of the weekly update, then past deliverables are the lungs, or some other vital organ.

On its own, a to-do list is just a collection of good intentions. A have-done list is necessary to hold yourself accountable. In each of your update emails, copy and paste last week’s deliverables, along with a status update.

Choose your words

Email has an ability many channels don't: creating valuable, personal touches -- at scale.


What update emails are working well for your company?