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Prepaid WordPress Fixes



Know you need more help? And want to pay less?

Add a Prepaid WordPress Fix Plan to the mix…

How does it work?

  • Buy a prepaid plan
  • Use it within two years of purchase
  • Use it on any WordPress Fix need
  • Rinse and Repeat


Do you have to move to our hosting? No, but it is HIGHLY recommended to keep your site secure, fast loading and receive 24/7 Website Protection.

Additional information

Number of WordPress Fixes

6 Fixes for $330 (Approx $55 per fix), 12 Fixes for $600 (Approx $50 per fix), 24 Fixes for $1080 (Approx $45 per fix), 48 Fixes for $1920 (Approx $40 per fix), 72 Fixes for $2520 (Approx $35 per fix)


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