Switch Hosting

Is switching just not feasible?

If switching to New Now Hosting in order to qualify your NP to receive rewards just isn’t feasible, we understand completely, and we got you.

We are aware that there are hosting scenario exceptions that may prevent your organization from simply becoming vetted and switching to us due to specific intricacies.

Examples include but are not limited to sites that require their own extremely high level security, as they own and maintain their own servers. Doing so would be costly. Or perhaps your organization has recently paid top dollar to an agency that created an amazing e-commerce site (and it still has that New Website Smell).

We get it.

If your Org falls into a similar category, and you would still like the opportunity to receive recurring donations from your supporters we have a “1 for 1” exchange option in place for this exact scenario. The normal qualifying exchange, once an Org is vetted, is for them to switch their own web hosting to us.That’s what qualifies them to become a Rewards Recipient, and is one of the ways that helps us sustain such a generous give.

In order to qualify your NP to start receiving hosting rewards, we simply exchange “Your QUALIFYING Switch” for that of a “Referral.” When your Org refers one new client to New Now Hosting That Helps, and they sign up, you are automatically qualified to begin receiving rewards once their switch is complete. You will receive an email notification letting you know that you can begin promoting your new fundraiser.

PLEASE NOTE: Earnings for nonprofits that switch to New Now Hosting is 25% and earnings for NP’s required to use a referral as their qualifier earn 20%