9 Steps Toward More Effective Meetings

I like efficiency

I dislike wasting your time, and of course, having my time wasted.  My husband and I attended a meeting recently…we arrived early and lo-and-behold the event did not start on time.  Why?  An event of 20 people had to wait over 45 minutes for two, yes 2, people to arrive to the event.

A few things I was reminded of from this experience:

Being late sends out the message, “My time is more valuable than yours”, that is, “I am more important than you”, and perhaps even, “I am doing you a favor by turning up at all”.

Being late insults others, but it also undermines the person who is late, because it may betray a lack of intelligence, self-knowledge, will power, or empathy.

Sometimes, being late is your unconscious (intuition) telling you that that you don’t actually want to be there, or that it would be better for you not to be there.

You can learn a great deal simply by asking yourself, “Why exactly am I late?” Even if it is ‘only’ because you are too busy, why are you too busy?

Often, we keep ourselves as busy as possible so as not to be left alone with our deepest thoughts and feelings, which is, of course, highly counterproductive in the short, medium, and long term. And this is another reason for being late: to avoid being left with no one and nothing but ourselves.

I want to confess at this point...

I am a “Recovered Late Person”.  Yes, I inadvertently was using lateness as a form of control, not just in business but in my personal life. Gratefully, I learned from my husband the importance of not just showing up on time but early.  And boy-o-boy was he extremely patient with me until I slooooooowly learned this valuable lesson. So how can we hold more effective meetings that do not waste our time?
Here is an infographic that shows 9 Steps Toward More Effective Meetings…

What steps have you found to be effective?

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