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What is a CARE PLAN???
Think of it like a Vehicle
Maintenance Plan.

It covers the care of your website so you don’t have to.

Save time, energy, aggravation and get WordPress Help when you need it. 

Care Plans designed to meet your websites’ most basic needs at $25 a month, to complete custom packages designed specifically for your growing business. We’ve got you covered.

Discover which plan is right for you.

Starting at only $25/Month
What's the Difference?
New Now Creative: Dedicated vs Shared Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

Your website is hosted on a single server dedicated specifically to your website. No competing for resources usually associated with shared hosting, which in turn reflects in better website performance. With Dedicated Hosting you have more control over the resources you have but they come with a higher cost. 

Shared Hosting

Your website is hosted along with multiple websites utilizing one server. With Shared Hosting you have less control over the resources and it comes at a lower cost.

Why We are Different

With either Dedicated or Shared Hosting you get our Top Notch Security at no additional charge. As well as quick access to WordPress Experts which means you don’t have to worry about your website ever again.